My Lifebook

MyLifeBook™ is all about you, your health, your personal secretary, and it will send you an alert when it is time for your medication or your appointments. You can keep your personal data, medical record, and personal diary all in a secure place. You can share part of your health record with your doctor or get a second opinion from USMDDirect expert physician.

You can follow your weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, Coumadin and other drug level and share it with your doctor or USMDDirect physician. You can maintain your medication record and check drug interaction as your life is your best asset which can't replaced. It will ask you what you have done for your self today, did you eat right, exercise, sleep well. Its all about you as you are your best asset.

If you are traveling you can download your MyLifeBook™ folder in a small biometric USB drive to carry in your wallet. This can be used in case of an emergency.

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