USMDDirect.com is a web-based health care portal, based in Santa Monica, California. Fawad Zafar Khan, M.D., an Interventional Nephrologist established it in 1999 for facilitating second medical opinions from the best doctors in the country. The portal uses state of the art telemedicine technology together with most advanced medical peripherals for improved health care service, reduce the risk, and lower the medical costs. It also provides better access to physicians, allow for their medical opinions to be completed and communicated to the patient without requiring any office visit. 

USMDDirect offers commercial off-the- shelf (COTS) Telehealth, which is comprehensive turnkey telemedicine solution. Our products are HIPAA-compliant, cloud based/hosted services with end-to- end encryption and FIPS 140-2 certified. The technology supports several medical devices, which in turn offer patient examinations outside of the provider’s office.

Telehealth solution consists of the following components:

  • Urgent-CareonWheels.com
    A complete doctor’s office on wheels to serve employees right-at-work. Multi-specialty doctors available on demand. Laboratory services, point-of-care X-ray, ultrasound, ECG. Nurse, physician assistant available for annual exam, wound care, IV fluid, vaccination and more.
  • USMD-Care
    Provides a turnkey health-care solution for your employees, right-at-work. We bring all the benefits of the doctor’s office directly to your workplace, combine with multi-specialty doctor on demand and a “Doctor in a Box” a work place kiosk for remote virtual examination for better care right-at work.
  • Second Medical Opinion
    USMDDirect.com started as a second medical opinion web-based portal in 1999, which connects top board-certified US physicians and patients to explore a needed second or first medical opinion.
  • DoctorOnCall24x7.com It is a multispecialty web-based virtual clinic that provides secure, confidential, rapid responses via an HD video-conference or phone. Physicians have the option to perform remote virtual examinations using USMDDirect diagnostic tools.
  • Tele-Consultant:
    These are solo or group consultants in different medical specialties, who provide services to patients, hospitals, nursing homes (e.g., Tele-stroke, Tele-ICU, Tele- cardiology, Tele-Nephrology, Tele-Oncology, Tele-wound care, and Tele-Psychiatry).
  • Remote Patient Monitoring:
    It is a turnkey, web-based, cloud/hosted, HIPAA-compliant, end-to- end encrypted portal.
  • Remote Virtual Monitoring: A “virtual sitter” to continuously monitor patient to avoid accidental falls, seizure activity, and while receiving IV medications unattended at remote locations (e.g., home IVIG).
  • Remote Vital Sign Monitoring: Provides health professionals with tools and knowledge to empower patients to manage their own vital signs from home. These devices are connected to a central web-based cloud or hosted server via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and phones. Following biometrics data, we would also collect blood pressure, glucometers, pulse oximeter, weight, pedometer statistics, spirometers, and thermometers.
  • Remote Physical Activity Monitoring: A pedometer measures daily steps, calories, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and sleep patterns. All data is uploaded into patient folders for review by a clinician or nurse.
  • Remote Medication Monitoring: A web-based Avatar to remind patients to take medication as prescribed and identify the pills in order to avoid double dosing. This would work like an alarm clock, sending a personalized message. Records the date and time and “send alert” to the care coordinator if medication is missed.
  • Remote Virtual Examination Platform: Provides physicians with an option to perform on-demand virtual examinations, face-to- face with HD video-conferencing, a USB plug and play tele-stethoscope, and a digital camera without any software to download on local host computer; work on 3G-4G low-bandwidth networks to remotely evaluate heart, lung, abdominal sounds, as well as ears, nose, throat, skin and eyes.
  • Personal Health Record (PHR) Patient-driven personal medical record, so that the patients or their representatives (nurses) can consolidate, maintain and share their medical history, vital sign data, medical alerts, medications, immunization records, and upload medical folder with radiology images, laboratories report and ECGs.
  • Diease Mangment Protocols (DMP) A web-based interactive Avatar, with artificial intelligence for remote disease management. It works on all platforms.
  • Store & Forward USMDDirect provides features in which a nurse or patient representative can record the patient’s virtual examination and upload it onto the patient portal, to be reviewed by a physician or care coordinator.
  • Nurse Call Center portal A 24/7 comprehensive remote patient monitoring and management solution with central station staffed by MDs/RNs/PAs/NPs/Techs - with the ability to triage and monitor many patients at once.
  • Doctor-Patient Appointment portal A web-based scheduling software can fully accommodate patient scheduling and receive automatic appointment reminder alerts in advance of upcoming scheduled appointments.

USMD-Telemedicine Software Platform

  • Patient Web-Portal: Patient portal, a web-based dashboard with real-time streaming health care and wellness data aggregation, monitoring and modeling biomedical data, with predictive analytics and visualization alternatives for providers; this plays a significant role in wellness care. Provides an HD video- conferencing for face-to- face evaluation. A remote virtual examination solution and alert sent to health provider for early intervention. This program also includes a remote medication and disease management protocol (DMPs).
  • Doctor Web-Portal: Doctor portal, or web-based portal, where physicians meet their patients to perform face-to- face evaluations, remote virtual examinations manage patient medications, review health care and wellness data.
  • Care-Coordinator/ Supervisor Portal: A comprehensive web-based portal where care-coordinator/supervisor monitors thousands of patients out-of- range for vital signs, abnormal laboratory results, missed medications alerts for disease management protocols. Care coordinator would also triage, do virtual examinations, and coordinate patient appointments; will similarly invite a physician on- demand in virtual examination room. The patient can have face-to- face interaction with the care coordinator. Also live video monitoring of patients, as a tele-sitter/virtual sitter to monitor patients while receiving IV medication therapy or hemodialysis.
  • Administrator Web-Portal: Work as an administrator for web-portal and control function.
  • USMDCare: App for android mobile phone or tablet. Patients can connect with doctor or care coordinator for video conferencing and virtual examination. Patients can connect biometrics devices (using Bluetooth) with USMDCare mobile app and securely send data to USMDDirect cloud or hosted server.
    • Blood Pressure
    • Pulse
    • Blood Glucose
    • Temperature
    • SPO2

Remote Vital Signs Monitoring Platforms

  • Home Tele-Platform Gateway USMD-Gateway is an easy to use plug, and transmits data platform. The patient can use Ethernet/Dial-up/Wireless to connect with USMD Direct Server. This gateway supports the following devices: Blood Pressure, Pulse Oximeter, Blood Glucose, Temperature, and Weight Scale.
  • Mobile Tele-Platform: USMD Direct Telehealth Mobile Solution is an Android Mobile Application that connects to USMD Direct Devices via Bluetooth 4.0 to encrypted IPSec/VPN and USMD server. Following biometrics devices are connected: Blood Pressure, Heart Pulse, Blood Glucose, Temperature, SPO2, Weight Scale, and Spirometer.

Transport Gap Telemedicine:

Turnkey transport telemedicine to bridge the medical coverage gap during patient medevac from accident scene to hospital.

USMD Kiosks:

USMDDirect.com has developed cost effective medical kiosks for active patient monitoring in clinical environments as well as for personal use as needed. All integrated medical devices are FDA-approved and HIPAA-compliant.

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