About Remote Patient Monitoring

USMDDirect provides comprehensive remote patient monitoring and management solution to avoid hospital readmission and better health care at lower cost. It provides the facility of Live Video Chat, monitoring devices, such as weight scales, glucometers, and blood pressure monitors. These may be standalone to collect and report health data, or they may become part of a fully integrated health data collection, analysis, and reporting system that communicates on multiple nodes of the health system, and provides alerts when health conditions decline.

USMD-RPM services are currently used by:

  • Cardiologist and Nephrologist to closely follow-up on their CHF and hypertensive patients, daily weight and BP to provide better care.
  • Hospitalist to follow-up on their recently discharge patients to avoid readmissions.
  • Infusion companies remotely monitoring their patients
  • Hemodialysis patient being follow-up by their nephrologist
  • Home health agency remotely monitoring patients and partnering with hospital to avoid readmission.

Salient features:

  • SMS Alerts
  • Live HD Video conferencing
  • HIPAA compliant secure web based software
  • FDA approved devices
  • HIPAA compliant cloud storage by Microsoft.
  • 24/7 support
Call us now 1-866 697 0402 and become a part of growing USMDDirect family.

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