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All About USMDDirect
Registration and Logging in
All about USMDDirect

What is USMDDirect? is a leading Online Medical Consultation portal, where users can interact with qualified Doctors within seconds.

On the portal you can do the following:

1. Live Online Video Conferencing with your Doctors
2. Get Specialist Second Opinion on your Health Problems
3. Store your Electronic Medical Records in a secure place
4. Telemedicine
5. Remote Patient Monitoring
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Is USMDDirect Free?

Account registration and 5 MB for medical records is free, whereas for more hard disck space and other features of USMDDirect, account can be upgraded to premium by paying just $7 annually.

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How often are the Doctors online?

Emergency doctors are available 24/7.

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Who are the doctors?

Top qualified doctors in the USA are available on USMDDirect.

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How can I get USMDDirect Registration?

USMDDirect registration can be obtained by clicking sign up option on the main page, and filling in necessary information.

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What if I forgot my password?

By clicking forgot password option on main USMDDirect page, it can be retrieved on your given email address.

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What are the payment options available to me?

Payments can be made to USMDDirect thorugh PayPal Account or via Credit Card.

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I still need help. How can I contact Customer Support?

You can contact Customer Support by sending an email to

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