Doctor Appointment

USMDDirect provides Doctor Appointment facility which can be used by the patients to take online appointment from a doctor.

USMDDirect enables Telehealth services which provide a face-to-face meeting with a patient via real-time video conference, vital sign monitor, Tele Stethoscope and Tele camera for ear, nose and throat examination.

We have state-of-the-art telemedicine system which provides facility to access doctors with just a click of button.The RoboDoc allows physicians, patients, nurses and other staff to "virtually" interact through video conference.

Telemedicine is no longer a just application, rather it's a valuable and powerful clinical tool, which is being successfully utilized in actual patient care to improve access to high quality and cost effective health care services . It provides the benefits of prompt treatment, cost and time saving, and most importantly the specialist can be contacted from anywhere in the world.

The ability to address patient care on a moment's notice is especially helpful for treating acute stroke patients. USMD is using the Telemedicine to provide 24/7 help for patients, giving them immediate access to a physician. The Remote Presence technology is part of a larger patient safety and quality.

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