A second opinion is always a good idea when your life or quality of life is at stake. Medical conditions sometimes occur that your primary care physician can't treat and you may need a specialist.

These days patients are becoming more informed of their medical problems and treatment options an playing active role in every decision with their doctors. Because of the increase in medical knowledge and new treatments, it is difficult for any one physician to be aware of all the latest information, resulting in patients and physicians seeking second opinions so better and more informed decisions could be made. Benefits of a second opinion include more knowledge, understanding of new treatment options and reassurance and peace of mind that you are making the right choice when You Need a Second Opinion.

The second medical opinion is needed when:
  • you are having a major surgery
  • you are suffering from cancer and want to know what other experts say about you case
  • you questioning whether surgery is the only option
  • you are unhappy with your regular doctor's diagnosis
  • you are having trouble talking with your current doctor(s)
  • you are not seeing improvement in your medical condition
  • you are diagnosed with a life-threatening disease such as cancer, heart disease or brain tumor
  • you are told a second surgery is recommended
  • you have multiple medical problems
  • you are having difficulty in understanding or suspicion about x-ray, MRI, pathology repots
  • you are told you have a serious medical condition such as heart disease /lung disease /cancer
  • virtually every doctor gets a second opinion when they have a patient with a serious medical problem.
  • there are several options for treating your condition, or you want to know if there are other options
  • the treatment your doctor recommends has significant risk
  • the treatment will greatly affect your lifestyle, work or family
  • you feel rushed to make a decision and want more information
  • you don't have full confidence in the recommended treatment or in the doctor

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