Doctor On Call

We give you the benefits of our physician experience when you are at home or wherever you may be.

Some Reasons Why People Call
  • Fever, Urinary Tract Infection
  • Sore Throat, Abdominal Pain
  • Earache, Accidents,Vomiting
What Is DoctorOncall 24x7 And Why Is It Unique? DoctorONCALL 24x7. is a 24-Hour confidential rapid response system via Telephone or Videoconference providing immediate medical advice for all questions ranging from routine health information to urgent healthcare needs.

Individual Benefits DoctorONCALL 24x7 provides rapid access to emergency professionals anytime of the day or night from anywhere in the world. This is especially comforting during times when your personal physician is unavailable. Call us first, if you are worried about a health problem and need an answer right away. With appropriate advice and early intervention, we may be able to spare you the stress, fatigue and expense associated with spending countless hours waiting for emergency treatment.

Using Our Service 1. Simply complete the consultation form
2. Read the USMDDIRECT disclaimer and pay via PayPal.
3. First 10 min call $00.
4. Next 10 min $00
5. Press doctoron call Botton or Skype button on your smart phone/Iphone to be connected with ER doctor on call

Specifically, DoctroOnCall 24x7 • Provides easy phone access for routine to urgent inquires
• Offers advice on the best course of action
• Provides peace of mind and reduces stress
• Cost-effectively improves quality of care
• Limits unnecessary ER and physician visits (possibly saving hundreds of dollars per visit)
• Encourages early treatment
• Prevents a small problem from becoming a large one

Our Track Record DoctorOnCall 24x7 utilizes continuous quality assurance controls and periodic member satisfaction surveys to ensure the highest level of program performance. Since the beginning our service, DoctorOnCall 24x7 has consistently achieved 96 percent satisfaction rating of good to excellent.

Our Physician Team Our Physician and board-certified physicians all have extensive training and experience in every aspect of emergency medicine.

Who better to call about a medical problem than the people you would actually see in the Emergency Room

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