By getting USMDDirect membership, you will be enjoying a lot of good features including My LifeBook, Get a Second Medical Opinion, Live Video Chat with Top USA Doctors, and many more.

Regular Member
By becoming USMDDirect regular member,
you will be using the
following features :
  • 5 MB space for medical data
  • My LifeBook
  • Get Online Doctor's Appointment
  • Access restrictions on some pages
Premium Member
After paying US$12/anum premium membership fees you will have,
following facilities:
  • 100 MB space for medical data
  • Download all your reports with a single click
  • Get SMS reminders on your cell phone
  • Maintain Health Profile
  • A lot of new features
Doctor's Membership
Interested Doctor's can send their details to USMDDirect. After some verificatins, you will be sent a User Id and password to use USMDDirect website. Please click the button below to send us your details.

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