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USMDDirect.com, based out of Santa Monica, California, was established by Fawad Zafar-Khan M.D. (Interventional Nephrologist), in 1999 to facilitate second medical opinion from the best doctors in USA through telemedicine practice to improve healthcare, reduce risk and lower medical cost. It provides better access to physicians, enables medical opinions to be completed and communicated to you without requiring doctor’s office visits.

It’s the next generation state-of-the-art, comprehensive, end to end, turnkey telemedicine solution which is based on HIPAA compliant cloud, end-to-end encrypted with integrated stethoscope, digital camera and other medical devices. It provides:

USMDDirect.com is web based health care portal which is implemented on

cloud is a HIPAA complaint, end-to-end encrypted with integrated stethoscope, digital camera and other medical devices.
  • Personal Health Record (PHR) is a complete electronic medical record, maintained and controlled by patients. Patients maintain their medical history, medications, immunizations, labs, radiology reports and vital signs. Patients can give permission to their physicians to review and update their records, and give medical opinion. Patient’s vital signs are continuously monitored and an alert is sent to physicians or healthcare provider for better care and early intervention.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a comprehensive HIPAA compliant cloud based software with PHR, HD video-conferencing, integrated with Stethoscope, Digital camera for ear, nose, throat, skin examination, and medical devices to monitor patient’s vital signs remotely. Central monitoring platform can monitor thousands of patient’s vital signs, and continuously video monitor patients from remote locations, provide on demand two way video conferencing, or virtual examination by physicians or nurses. RPM also has e-prescription, store & forward features. This software can be used by nursing homes, corporate offices, dialysis centers, schools, ACOs, HMO's and insurance companies to provide better health care to their members to avoid readmission.

USMDDirect.com professional Service.

Solo physician or groups of physicians provide professional services to USMDDirect.com member as an independent contractor. USMDDirect verifies and checks physician’s credential and physicians have to maintain a good standing in their respected medical field.
  • DoctorOnCall: 24/7 confidential rapid response system via HD Video Conference. These physicians can also perform remote virtual examinations using USMDDirect diagnostic tools.
  • Second Medical Opinion: USMDDirect connects top board certified USA physicians and patients to provide most needed second or first medical opinion, via email, HD video conference calls and remote virtual examination using USMDDirect diagnostic tools.
  • Tele-Consultant: These are solo, or group consultants in different medical specialties providing services to individual patients, to hospitals, nursing homes, e.g., Tele-stroke, Tele-ICU, and Tele-psychiatry.
  • Post-Acute care: USMDDirect partners with hospitals, non-medical caregivers with the technology, consulting services and technical support they need to plan, implement and operate their telemedicine programs with complete confidence. It provides post-acute care to patients who are discharged from hospital to avoid readmission.


USMDDirect.com has developed and manufactured cost effective medical kiosks, for active patient monitoring in high acuity clinical environments and for personal use. All integrated medical devices are FDA approved and HIPAA compliant.

USMDDirect.com provide 24/7 support and services.

USMDDirect provides web based certifications course for non-medical and medical care giver. USMDDirect.com provides most comprehensive, complete, turnkey telemedicine platform to connect patients and doctors in USMD medical bazaar.

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